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GCH Munchin'Hill Antigone 93(EEEE), Adiva's dam

CH Munchin'Hill Adiva

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Sadly we had to put Adiva down this Summer.  Her information will be left on this page for the year as she was one of our all-time favorites in the show ring and everyone in the herd is related to her.  Adiva's sweet-tempered son Adonis remains here as a herd sire.

Adiva blossomed as a five year old  in 2019 and came
into super production.  It was so much fun showing her
that year when she was 10 times BEST in SHOW in 5 states!

2015 shows: 7x1st; 2xResGCH
2016 shows: 3x1st; 1x2nd (behind Amity),   
2016 National Show: 5th place 2 yr old
2018 regional shows: 1xGCH and BIS, 2x
ResGCH, 1x2nd
2019 :  10 times Best in Show in 5 states  
2021:  4 x BOB and 3 x Best in Show


Adiva's rear udder @ 5 yrs

at 4 yrs in 2023
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CH Munchin'Hill Angelique

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A well-put together four year old who travels well to shows, Angelique certainly does wow us with her near-flawless mammary system. 

Angelique had a false pregnancy as a yearling and freshened in February 2021 producing about 8 pounds per day.  In limited showing in 2021, Angelique picked up her first leg by going ResGCH to her dam who is a finished champion.

At her first show for 2022, Angelique not only went GCH, but also grabbed the coveted purple and yellow ribbon for Best in Show!

As a 4 yr old in 2023, Angelique matured beautifully and easily completed her championship!

at 3 yrs in 2022
cottageville (3).jpg
2023 @3 yrs
Munchin'Hill Athena

Probably the prettiest doe in the herd, Athena usually shows herself very well.   Her fore udder is awesome!   She placed first in the 2 yr old classes  both times she was exhibited!  As a 3 yr old, she has placed 2x1st and 2xResGCH so far in 2023.  Pictured here at milking time, not bagged....

athenawrdga (3).jpg
baylor2023 (2).jpg

Munchin'Hill Baylor

sire: Maple Wind WD-40

dam: Munchin'Hill Bailey

This is the final daughter out of Bailey, and what a sweetie she is!    Baylor is long and board-level across her entire topline is totally flat- rumped.

As well as being near-perfect in her general appearance, Baylor may be the largest doe we have ever bred.

Shown three times as a yearling, Baylor was 2x1st and 1x2nd.

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Munchin'Hill Bling

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Our yearling Bling was a later 2022 kid who surprised us with her rapid growth rate during which she surpassed kids born a month or more earlier.

Bling freshened with an awesome mammary and was shown only once so far where she place 1st of 5.

Her 2023 single doe kid Blitz remains here with us

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Munchin'Hill Andromeda

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Andromeda is one of the most stylish does ever.   With her extremely long neck, blending and carriage, she just says: "look at me!".   Her udder is small but attachments are where they should be for a yearling.  Pictured here at regular milking time. Can't wait until this classy gal matures!

A super dairy yearling, Anise is producing 9-10 pounds daily out of a pretty, well-attached mammary.  She has lots of maturing to do as she fills out her long-boned frame.
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