Munchin'Hill Ariel

Pedigree Print (adgagenetics.org)

We don't usually have dry yearlings, but with our present situation we decided to keep Ariel open this year to just keep down the number of milkers we would have for 2021.

Ariel has grown very nicely and is being kept on a hay-only diet until the Fall when she will be bred on her first or second heat cycle.


Munchin'Hill Ava

sire: Maple Wind WD-40

dam: CH Munchin'Hill Adiva

Just like her dam, this little gal thinks she's a Diva too with all her yelling for food and attention!  Ava has width to-die-for, from her chest straight back to her phenominally-level flat rump!   You couldn't ask for an escutcheon and rear leg set to be any wider than she has.


Munchin'Hill Baylor

sire: Maple Wind WD-40

dam: Munchin'Hill Bailey

This is the final daughter out of Bailey, and what a sweetie she is!    Baylor is long and board-level across her entire topline and she sports a nice wide rump and perfect rear-leg set when viewed from the side.

Munchin'Hill Amore

Sire: Munchin'Hill Achilles

(Aphrodite x Horatio)

Dam: Munchin'Hill Avita

(Adiva x Budweiser)



This little gal was actually pre-ordered but the buyer took ill and so this striking cou blanc is staying with us.

We love her smoothness of blending and correctness on this stylish uphill doeling.


Ariel, totally worn out and catching some zzzzzs!.