Munchin'Hill Beringer

          S: Maple Wind WD-40 (see below)

          D: Munchin'Hill Brooklyn (on Senior

                 Doe page)



Liking Brooklyn as much as we do, we decided to retain one of her triplet sons in our herd.  Beringer is very well-blended and correct throughout.  Photo shows Beringer at two months of age.  His brothers are now in two other Pennsylvania herds.


@ 2yrs

Maple Wind WD-40

Pedigree Print (adgagenetics.org)

This buck is so off the scale in size, amazing everyone who sees him in person! 

WD's dam has awesome general appearance and stature as well, which is why we chose to purchase this buck from Maple Wind.  It doesn't hurt either that WD's sire is a finished champion out of the best doe we ever bred, GCH Munchin'Hill Antigone 93(EEEE).




WD-40's sire's dam, GCH Antigone 93(EEEE)


WD-40's dam, Maple Wind Whimsy as a yearling

Iron-Rod Sideburns

We appreciate Land O' IAM Alpines for their allowing us to lease this handsome boy in the Fall. You are always a blessing to us!


Since we were denied usage of photos of Sideburns' sire and dam, please contact us for info on his parentage. 

From what a previous owner has told us, we should expect to get good bone, correctness, level toplines and wonderful length of body from this boy.

Photo courtesy Land O' IAM Facebook page.  Thanks Hannah!