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GCH Munchin'Hill Antigone 93(EEEE), Adiva's dam

CH Munchin'Hill Adiva

Pedigree Print (

          dob: March 3, 2014     A1675779
        LA @ 1 yr: (85 V++V)
        LA@  2 yrs: 90(VEEE), excellent in head,
               rear legs, back and rump
         LA@ 4 yrs: 91(EEEE), excellent in back

S: Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph
SS: Strawberry-Fields Stone Cold
DS: Willabelle-Acres WRJ Tempest
D:  Munchin'Hill Antigone 93(EEEE)
DS: Windrush Frams IRS
DD: CH Munchin'Hill Avalanche 92(EEEE)

Stylish like her dam, Adiva also shows very well with
her up-headedness and level topline.

Adiva's rear udder is very high and wide, teats are
plumb and udder texture is wonderfully soft.  

She blossomed as a five year old  in 2019 and came
into super production.  It was so much fun showing her
that year!

2015 shows: 7x1st; 2xResGCH
2016 shows: 3x1st; 1x2nd (behind Amity),   
2016 National Show: 5th place 2 yr old
2018 regional shows: 1xGCH and BIS, 2x
ResGCH, 1x2nd
2019 :  10 times Best in Show in 5 states  
2021:  4 x BOB and 3 x Best in Show


Adiva's rear udder @ 5 yrs




Munchin'Hill Brooklyn

Pedigree Print (

Brooklyn is everyone's favorite as she has a wonderful temperament in the barn, being always agreeable on the milkstand and within the herd itself.

She is the largest doe in our herd and her photo shows her @ 4 yrs of age.

Brook has two legs toward her championship.

brooklynshowpic (2).jpg
Brooklyn's sire

Brooklyn's dam

Brooklyn's rear udder

angelique2022 (4).jpg

All photos here are of Angelique as a three-year old second freshener, Spring 2022

Munchin'Hill Angelique

Pedigree Print (

While not quite as tall as some of the other does in the herd, Angelique certainly does wow us with her near-flawless mammary system. 

Angelique had a false pregnancy as a yearling and freshened in February 2021 producing about 8 pounds per day.  In limited showing in 2021, Angelique picked up her first leg by going ResGCH to her dam who is a finished champion.

At her first show for 2022, Angelique not only went GCH, but also grabbed the coveted purple and yellow ribbon for Best in Show!

cottageville (3).jpg
Munchin'Hill Athena

Probably the prettiest doe in the herd, Athena usually shows herself very well.   Her fore udder is awesome!   She placed first in the 2 yr old classes  both times she was exhibited!

avaas2 (2).jpg

Munchin'Hill Ava

sire: Maple Wind WD-40

dam: CH Munchin'Hill Adiva

Just like her dam, this young gal thinks she's a Diva too with all her yelling for food and attention!  Ava has width to-die-for in the rear.  You couldn't ask for an escutcheon and rear leg set to be any wider than she has.

avarear2022 (2).jpg
baylorhome2022stupidhead (2).jpg

Munchin'Hill Baylor

sire: Maple Wind WD-40

dam: Munchin'Hill Bailey

This is the final daughter out of Bailey, and what a sweetie she is!    Baylor is long and board-level across her entire topline, is flat- rumped and pours out the milk!

Baylor may be the largest yearling we have ever bred.

Shown three times, Baylor was 2x1st and 1x2nd.

baylorrear2022a (2).jpg
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