"... And the goats will bring the price of a field." Proverbs 27:26
(Both Breeds)
STUD SERVICE is available to "clean" and healthy (no abcesses, ringworm, soremouth, lice, etc.), CAE
negative does.  Sorry, there is no boarding available.   Stud fee is $75 and is good for one breeding season only.
    dob: 3/3/2018                        A1976563

Sire: Munchin'Hill Horatio  LA 85 @ 1 year
SS: Munchin'Hill Armonde
SD: Munchin'Hill Adiva 91(EEEE) @4 yrs

Dam: Munchin'Hill Bailey LA 90(VEEE)@ 2 yrs
DS: Munchin'Hill Armonde
DD: CH Munchin'Hill Carte Belle 92(EEEE)

Buddy stands uphill, is a long boy with a nice front end
and has good depth of body and spring-of-rib.  Since we
were able to buy back his sire, we will be offering this
yearling up for sale in November after we have bred him
to Adiva.  That particular combination produced an
exquisite set of twins this past Spring.   

       MAPLE WIND WD-40
dob: 2/23/2019               A2009360

Sire: CH Munchin'Hill Aragorn
          SS: Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph
          SD: CH Munchin'Hill Antigone 93(EEEE)
Dam: Maple Wind Golden Whimsy
           DS: Hardluck-Hollow HHRT Gold Rush
           DD: Maple Wind Careless Whisper

It is rare when we find a buck from another herd that has all
the conformation traits we love to maintain in our small herd.  
So it is with controlled enthusiasm that we are patiently
waiting until this Fall to be able to use this handsome, and we
mean VERY handsome guy on our does.  WD-40 towers over
the other kids the same age in our barn, is stretchy, so
flat-boned, long-necked and sports a beautiful rump and
unmatched escutcheon!   Thanks to Laura Warren-Hughes
for breeding this find young stud!
Pictured below is WD's lovely dam Whimsy as a first
   dob: 3/3/2019                                      AB2008545

Sire: Tappahanna Bouny Hunter
        SS: Ober-Boerd Legend Slayer
        SD: Vanjust TA Holly
Dam: CH Munchin'Hill Serenade LA 86 @ 1 year
        DS: Heaven's Hollow Shi's Xtraxtra
        DD: CH Blue-Ridge Deja Vue     LA 90 @ 4 and 5 yrs

When we unexpectedly lost Bounty Hunter, we knew we needed to
retain one of his sons.  So, who else better to keep but an
handsome, beautifully conformed buck out of Serenade!  She has
outstanding general appearance and a productive mammary with a
nice fore udder and really good width to the rear udder with plumb
teats to boot!
Picture at left is Samurai at 5 months of age.  Lower left is Bounty
Hunter at 3 months of age.  Lower right is Bounty Hunter's dam
Holly as a yearling.
DOB: 4/10/2019                              AB2027885

Sire: Tappahanna Bounty Hunter
   SS: Ober-Boerd Legend Slayer
   SD: Vanjust TA Holly

Dam: CH White Rock Ilene (pictured below-photos
         courtesy White Rock Farm)
    DS: Rachelsie Despereaux
    DD: White Rock Farm Isabelle

Jackson's dam Ilene swept all three rings at the Maryland
DGA's Summer Show when she was a three-year old.  She
was the hands-down GCH, completing her championship in
one day!  Tall, long and flat-rumped with unbelievable
fore-udder extension, Ilene definitely caught my eye!  We
are happy to have her son Jackson in our herd.


ARAGORN   (photo
courtesy James Haught)
          dob: 4/17/2019             AB2034626

Sire: Welbian-Farm's Rock-N-Roll
  SS: Udderly-Crazy Holy Roller
  SD: CH Welbian-Farm's Hot To Trot
                 LA 91(EEEE)
Dam:  CH Owl-Ridge F Wyndes Limoncello
                 LA 91(VEEE)
    DS: Devonshire MF Finite Moment
    DD: Owl-Ridge Killian's Sea Wynde

Hudson is a quite stylish buck kid with a solid
pedigree, both his dam and sire's dam having
excellence in the mammary systems.   His dam is
pictured at the lower left when she was milked
out before going Best in Show at the Progressive
DGA show in 2018.  Hudson's sire's dam is
pictured at the lower right, photo courtesy of
Pictured with her udder not full as she had unfortunately had mastitis in her right udder half
                         (all Ilene photos courtesy of White Rock Farm)
                  MUNCHIN'HILL ACHILLES

         dob: 2/25/2020                         A pending

    S{ Munchin'Hill Horatio A1807942
            SS: Munchin'Hill Armonde
            SD: CH Munchin'Hill Adiva 91(EEEE) @ 4 yrs
    D: CH Munchin'Hill Aphrodite
            DS: Roeburn's KVLW Gabriel
            DD: Munchin'Hill Anomaly