GCH MOLLY    90(EEEE)  (1989)
part of our 3rd place Dairy Herd at the
1993 National Show
2nd place 3 yr old (out of 59) at the '93
Nationals and 1st place Produce of Dam at
the '97 National Show
Over the years the good Lord has given us some wonderful champions.  From what I can recall,
prior to our move to West Virginia  we finished twenty-three of these lovely animals in our small
herd. Some of them are shown below  to share with you. The photos are not all top quality as we
were novices, but we did our best.   We hope you enjoy them!
GCH NIKOL (picture taken 1990)
  6th place at the 1993 National Show
CH NINETY-TWO  (picure taken1994)
3rd place milking yearling (out of 51) at
the '93 National Show
    9th at the '97 Nationals
      (photo 1997)
5th in her class and part of the 1st place Produce of Dam at the 1997
National Show in Harrisburg.
    GCH MUFFIN   1997
GCH NELLIE  (circa 1986)
GCH NUGGETTE  90(89,90,88,92)
                      circa 1988
------The following have been added to our archives since 2007-----
CH Kickapoo-Valley Liason Nexine LA 91 (VEVE) @ 5 yrs; dam of Annie and Granddam of A La Carte
Nexine was sold to  John and Mary Windemueller
CH Munchin'Hill Angela LA 90 (VEVE), another daughter of Nexine
Angela was sold to  Philip Ward
CH MUNCHIN'HILL POWER KLASSIC, daughter of Kickoff and Kickapoo-Valley Power Stroke
LA 92 (EEEE) @6 yrs, 4th place at the 2008 Nationals
We lost Klassic following her 2009 kidding.
BIS June, 2009
Virginia State DGA
Judge: Evin Evans
CH MUNCHIN'HILL ALLEGHENY @ 3 yrs of age; lost following a horrible
kidding in 2010; dam of Avalanche, Aria  and Alexander; full sister to A La Carte.
Allegheny was probably our all-time favorite doe.
                    SGCH  MUNCHIN'HILL PEEK-A-BOO
                               dob: 3-03   A1261905
                             2005 LA 91(EEEE) @ 2 yrs
                                      2008 LA 92(EEEE)  @ 5 yrs
                          Excellent in rear legs, back and rump, 37 in stature

                           S: Fox-Trot WRC Catalyst LA 87 @ 1 yr
                                             SS: Willow Run Elijah Compliance
                                             SD: Fox-Trot Allie Cat  LA 91(EEEE)

                                        D: Munchin Hill Plain Jane
                                             DS: CH Kickapoo Valley Cruise Control
                                             DD: Munchin Hill Answered Prayer

Peek-a-boo was an incredibly  tall, long-boned, massive, "necky" and dairy doe . One
of the smoothest does in the herd, Peek-a-boo had tremendous  length of body and  a
wonderfully attached udder whose fore udder blended perfectly into her body and whose
rear udder was very tight and wide.   Peek's  teats were perfectly plumb. Her tracking
was dead-on straight ahead.   She was undefeated in her class at every regional show in
2004, and in 2005,  continued to show extremely well, capturing her first milking leg.  
Peek, in 2006,  was again first in her class EVERY time shown, including at the National
Show in Indianapolis where she brought me to tears when chosen 1st place 3 yr old and
1st udder in her class!  Peek  then completed her championship at her last regional
show of the 2006 season when she was also selected as  Best Doe in Show!  She was a
very easy going, sweet-natured lady  with steady milk production yielding between 11
and 12 lbs/day and never dried up on her own despite advancing pregnancy.
We were so pleased when Peek  freshened in 2008  with a set of lovely leggy  triplet
does sired by Rushkin!   Then in 2009, Peek again kidded with triplet does!  
Peek-a-boo had an injury to a her foot in early 2009 so was not able to walk well enough
to be shown.  After she healed, we did take her out to our final show for the season
where she went Best Doe in Show.
We have retained Peek's 2010 doe kid Petrova, who from birth was just a standout.
For a seven-year-old, Peek-a-boo looked wonderful in the aged doe class at the
Nationals and like her herdmates that competed in the younger classes, , was
immediately  pulled out of the lineup with a handful of the the top does in the class.

Peek  had an exemplary  show career with having placed three times in the top five at
National Shows!   See those highlights to the left.
2004: shown 5 times: 5x1st
2005: shown 8 times:  2x1st, 4x2nd,
                        2x3rd, 1xGCH (leg 1)
2006: 7x1st, 2xGCH, 2xResGCH, 1xBIS

2006 National Show:  1st place, 1st udder

2008 Shows:
Leetown, WV               Ring 1: BOB
                                Ring 2: BOB
Harrisonburg,VA        Ring 1: BOB
                            Ring 2: BOB, BIS, BUIS
W.Friendship,MD       Ring 1: BOB

National Show(2008)  3rd and 3rd udder

2009 Show:
Howard County, MD    Best in Show

2010 Shows:
National Show (Louisville)  5th place aged doe
Howard Co. Maryland   Best In Show
"I will tend them in a good pasture and the mountain heights...will be their grazing land."  Eze 34:14
                                  CH MUNCHIN'HILL ANNIE    
                                         dob: 3-13-03  A1256268
                                                 2005 LA 89(VEEE) @ 2 yrs
                                                 2008 LA 91(EEEE) @ 5 yrs
                   Excellent in head, rear legs, back and rump, 33 in stature

                                            S: Fox Trot WRC Catalyst   LA 87  @ 1 yr
                                                        SS: Willow Run Elijah Compliance           
                                                        SD: Fox-Trot KF Allie Cat  LA 91(EEEE)
                                             D: CH Kickapoo Valley Liason Nexine LA 91
                                                        DS: Hoach's Lyric Liason
                                                        DD: Kickapoo-Valley False Lexine

Shown only once as a kid (1st and RJrCH), Annie was very well blended, board-level, had
a long bone pattern and was quite stylish.   Annie's fore udder was nicely extended, scoring
a "42" in LA at two yrs. of age.   She peaked at eight and a half lbs of milk as a yearling.   
Her highlight for 2004 was at the  National show where Annie was 2nd of 56 in the milking
yearling class behind a doe that turned 2 yrs old the week after Nationals!  In 2005 Annie
freshened with a single kid so only milked about what she had as a yearling.  In spite of
this she did exceptionally well at all her 2005 shows and earned her three championship
legs.  In 2006,  our well-mannered Annie freshened with triplets and milked a consistent 17
lbs of milk per day .

All of Annie's kids have consistently been very pretty, correct and typey.
Annie looked superb at the 2008 National Show in Kentucky where she placed 5th
(Peek-a-boo was third in the same class).
We then took her to only one local show in 2008  where she captured Best in Show honors.  
What a doe!
At nine years of age, Annie's udder, rump, feet and legs were still the same as in her 5
year old photo.  Her rump was undeniably one of the best in the herd.

2004:Shown six times: 2x1st, 4x2nd

2004 National Show: 2nd milking yearling

2005: Shown 8 times: 5x1st, 3x2nd,
    2xGCH, 2xRGCH, 1xBOB, 1xBIS

2006 National Show: 12th place 3 yr old

2008 National Show: 5th place 5&6 yr old

2008 regionally shown only once: BIS
           dob: 3-19-06
            LA @ 2 yrs: 90(VEVE)
Excellent in head, rear legs, back and rump
             LA @ 4 yrs: 90(VEEE)
      Excellent in head, back and rump
              LA @ 5yrs: 91(VVEE)
       Excellent in head and back

S: CH Qu'appelle V Etienne  LA 90 (VEE)
  SS: Angel Prairie Vega Vlaminck
  SD: GCH Qu'appelle Supersonic Eclipse
D: CH Munchin' Hill Annie LA 91 (EEEE)
   DS: Fox-Trot WRC Catalyst
   DD: CH Kickapoo-Valley Liason

2008 Shows: 1 x GCH, 4 x ResGCH
2008 National Show: 11th of 59
2009: 1 x GCH and BOB
2010: 3x1st, 2xGCH, 2xBOB, 1xBIS
2010: National Show: 5th place
2011: 2xBOB, 1xBIS


             S: CH Kickapoo-Valley Cruise Control

             D: Munchin'Hill Kazoo ( 2 GCH legs)
     A1474010      dob: 2-28-09      

LA @ 1 year: 88(VVVE) excellent in rear legs, back
LA @ 2yrs: 88(+EEE) excellent in back and rump; stature: 42
LA @ 4yrs: 92(EEEE) excellent in back and rump; stature: 44
(will not be appraised any more due to her leg injury)

S: Cherry Glen Abraham Rushkin
       LA 91(VEE) @ 3 yrs
SS: Willow Run Armand Abraham
SD: SGCH Willow Run Ahren Rivka                          
         LA 92(EEEE)
D: CH Munchin'Hill Allegheny
DS: CH Qu'appelle V Etienne LA 90
DD: CH Munchin'Hill Annie LA 91