LA 90 (VEE)

S:  Angel-Prairie Vega Vlaminck LA  88(VEV)
D: GCH Qu'appelle Supersonic Eclipse LA 92 (EEEE)

Etienne, who exhibited tremendous deep and dairy ribbing,  moved to
the West coast in 2007 and sadly  passed away in the Fall of 2008.
                      LA 87 @ 1 yr.

S: Willow Run  ElijahCompliance
             SS: Willow-Run Landmark Elijah
             SD: Willow-Run Courtney
 D: Fox-Trot KF  Allie Cat       LA 5 yrs 91(EEEE)
             DS: Kickapoo-Valley Chime Foxfire
             DD: GCH Fox-Trot HM Ariga

This boy did very well in combining with our does.  Almost all his
daughters born into our herd presented with nice showy mammary
systems, lots of style, and gentle temperments.  Our compliments
to Laura Warner for having bred this fine buck!
Etienne @ 3 yrs
Eclipse (pictures courtesy of
Qu'appelle Alpines, Canada)
Catalyst @ 1 year

This boy was quite a blessing for us.  We love his
conformation, his temperment and his daughters.  We just
couldn't use Rushkin anymore with the small herd that we
have, so have sold him.

He appraised 90 as a yearling and 91 as a three-yr old.  
Rushkin's  stature was way off the scale with his being the
tallest buck we have ever owned in our 35 years in dairy goats.

The photos here shown Rushkin as a kid and then at three
yrs. of age.
    A1610533                dob: April 13, 2012

   LA: 87(VVV) @ 1 year (excellent in back)   

S: Kickapoo-Valley Life Scalleywag LA 89(VEE)
SS: Pleasant Grove Midas Lifeline
SD: CH Kickapoo-Valley Abner Scandal
D: Roeburn's KVLW Gabriella  LA 90(VEVE)
36 fore udder; 40 rear udder height; 35 arch
DS: Kickapoo-Vallet HL Lord Whimsy
DD: Roeburn's Silver Jubilee
                 WINDRUSH FARMS IRS

  S: Iron-Rod ET Sheriff

  D: CH Windrush Farms Wonder Vienna