Offered for your consideration:
Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph
whom to date has given us nothing
but socked-on mammary systems
and nice strong bone. Unlike his
underweight appearance in the
photo from last year when he had
been in a heavy rut, Triumph is
currently in excellent flesh.   He has
wonderful daughters both in our
herd and others in the area.   And
yes, he does throw quite a few solid
black offspring.

His sire is the son of the
incomparable Jasmine!

Some of his daughters are pictured
below.   His price is $800 or best

More info and pictures and
pedigree are on our
"Give careful attention to your herds; for riches do not endure forever..." Proverbs 27:23b,24a
Underrail 8' bedliner from 2001 Chevy; overall good shape and clean;
thin crack on side: $50.
Side rails for above; $25;  Take both items together for $65.
Direct from Australia: cobalt boluses plus iron grinder boluses for sale at
cost ( I have more than I need) . Cost would be $1.80 per pair of boluses.

We are taking deposits for both Alpine and Oberhasli 2018
kids.   See our "
breedings page" for availability.
Munchin'Hill Amity
Munchin'Hill Adiva
Munchin'Hill Angelina
Pictured to the left is CH Willow Run
WRAW Jasmine, Triumph's sire's dam,
and what a doe she was!

Please note that another
Triumph daughter,
Munchin'Hill Adonna who is
in the herd of Hannah
Depew, completed her
championship in 2017.


    Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph whom to
    date has given us nothing but socked-on
    mammary systems, correct conformation and
    good bone in all his daughters.  The photo
    was taken when Triumph was in full rut.  He
    is now carrying better weight and is in good
    health.  And yes, Triumph does throw quite
    a number of solid black offspring.

    His sire's dam is the incomparable
    Jasmine who is pictured below.

    Some of Triumph's daughters are also
    shown below, all of whom have appraised
    very well and show beautifully both
    locally and at Nationals.

    More info and pictures are on our

    Triumph's price is $800 or best offer.