"... And the goats will bring the price of a field." Proverbs 27:26
(Both Breeds)
                  A1584595            dob: 2/18/12

   LA: 88(VVV) @ 1 year (excellent in back and rump)

S: Strawberry Fields Stone Cold
SS: Sand-Dance HLS Rico Suave
SD: CH Willow Run WRAW Jasmine
D: CH Willabelle-Acres WRJ Tempest ; LA 90 (EEEE) as
a second freshener
DS: Willow Run WRAW Jasper
DD: CH Vance's WRCR Tishona
Tempest as a first freshener 2011
photo courtesy of Jonathan Bland
Tempest in 2012
Photo courtesy of Jonathan
Triumph excels in correctness, width, power and
frame.  He is a solid black, has a good temperment
and is smoothly  blended throughout.   If anyone has
any current photos of Tempest, please let us know if
you would be willing to share them with us.

The photos of Triumph were taken in late September,
2016 when he was 4 yrs of age, just clipped and having
dropped considerable weight from being in full rut.
         dob: March 17, 2015     AB1727018

          LA @2 yrs: 88(VEV), excellent in head,
                 rear legs, back and rump

S: Haycreeks X Solution
     SS: Brackett's Sunburst X-cited
     SD: SGCH Haycreeks Arrio Senterfold
D:  SGCH Heaven's Hollow Shiloh
             2012 National Champion
      DS:: Wyojem Conan's Jeffrey
    DD: SGCH Heaven's Hollow Shotsi

Xtra is the result of an embryo transplant, the son
of the 2012 National Champion Oberhasli.  We
are impressed with his size and power and are
thankful to Heaven's Hollow for their superb
management of this young buck.   He arrived here
is excellent flesh and health!
Xtra is a well-proportioned boy, standing on good
feet and legs.   His rump is wide and flat, traits we
really appreciate.
STUD SERVICE is available to "clean" and healthy (no abcesses, ringworm, soremouth, lice, etc.), CAE
negative does.  Sorry, there is no boarding available.   Stud fee is $75 and is good for one breeding season only.
Haycreeks X Solution
(photo couresy of Haycreek)
(photo courtesy Haycreek)
Shiloh, September, 2015
(photo courtesy of Heaven's Hollow)
Shiloh, 2012
(photo courtesy Heaven's Hollow)

               DOB: March 3, 2017         A1845801

      Sire: Windrush Farms Blizzard Manny
               SS: Windrush Farms Wonder Blizzard
               SD: Windrush Farms IRS Emily
      Dam: Kara-Kahl Fate Avila
                DS: CH Nodaway Must B Fate
               DD: GCH Kara-Kahl Saga Ajuju

                 dob:  2/17/2017          AB pending

             S:  Ober-Boerd Legend Slayer

             D:  Vanjust TA Holly

A picture is worth a thousand words!   Hunter's
picture at 3 months of age says it all.   His dam?   
Well, she is exquisite with the finest mammary ever!